Andy's Beer Reviews

Reviews of popular and less known brands of beer.

About Andy's Beer Reviews:

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Hello! My name is Andy, and I love beer. I am here, simply to review beers, so as to help you to know which ones are worth your hard earned money, and which are not worth a penny. I have a very simple rating system for the beers I review. It's called the "glass system" and it's very easy to understand.




The rating system is: GLASS FULL; A great beer, well worth your money. GLASS HALF FULL; A pretty good beer that you would probably enjoy. GLASS HALF EMPTY; An okay, drinkable beer that doesn't have much more going for it other than refreshment, but still might be worth a try. GLASS EMPTY; An okay beer that's not really worth the price/A crappy beer, not worth your money. 

I review all types of beer. My favorite styles of beer are Lagers of all types, Wheat Beers of all types, American Amber/Red Ales, and Stouts/Porters.

I hope you enjoy the reviews.Check out my YouTube where I do video reviews of beers at Also Follow me on Twitter at

I'm also on Google+. Just search for Andy49093. (or just check out the "Links" tab above)


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Enjoy, and CHEERS!!!!

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