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Corona Extra

Posted on January 19, 2011 at 9:09 PM

Well, I had decided I wanted to do an import beer review, and I had decided on doing a Mexican beer. I toyed with the idea of which one of the many Mexican beers out there to do. The idea of doing Corona never even crossed my mind until I saw it in individuals at my local liquor store. Before this I had no intention of ever doing a Corona review because of the clear glass bottles that it is always sold in. If you know anything about beer you know that clear containers for beer is not a good thing because a clear container lets in light, and light getting into a beer bottle can literally DESTROY the taste of the beer. Any light, be it ultraviolet, fluorescent, or incandescent, will cause a beer to get that "skunky" taste. Brown is definitely the best way to go for beer bottles, followed by green, but clear is the worst container for beer. Well, when I finally saw this at my local liquor store in a container that it is impossible for light to get into, I decided it was time to give it a review.

Corona Extra 

Yes folks, I found Corona Extra in a can! There is NO WAY IN HELL that light is getting through an aluminum can, so as long as the date on the can says it's still fresh, then there should be no problems.

This is NOT my first time having a Corona Extra, however, the last time I had one it was in a CLEAR GLASS BOTTLE and God only knows how long it had been on the shelf, because when I opened it up and took a swig it was TERRIBLE. I definitely didn't want a repeat of that experience.

Well, I looked it up on Beer Advocate and it is an American Adjunct Lager (which most major American brewers are, whether they are North or South American) and it gets a D overall rating on there, and the Bros. give it a D-. Not looking good for this beer so far...

I cracked the beer open and gave it a very vigorous pour straight down the middle of the glass, something that would cause most beers to foam up tremendously. This beer, however, formed a very lackluster head for such a vigorous pour. I know I say quite often that "the head doesn't always make the beer", but in this case, with the way I poured this beer, it should have had a MUCH LARGER HEAD OF FOAM! Still not looking too good for this beer so far...

The look of the beer is extremely pale straw in color. Tiny amount of head remained after only a minute. Very lackluster amount of carbonation. This beer just keeps looking less and less like something I want to drink...

The smell is of pale malts, a mix of corn and rice adjunct, mostly corn, with a slight hoppy smell in the background. I just keep getting less and less impressed with this beer...

Alright! Tasting time! There is the taste of the pale malts in the front, mixed with this slightly sour taste that lingered in the back of my throat, and mixed with the hop bitterness. Also this beer very much tastes like it is made with corn adjunct. I smelled a faint amount of rice adjunct in the smell, but the taste is all corn. The sour aftertaste lingers still in the back of the throat and just doesn't seem to leave. I must say that among all these negative comments that it tasted much better out of the can than the bottle the first time I tried it, so there's a plus. 

The small amount of carbonation gave a surprising amount of crispness to the mouthfeel. This beer, like most Mexican beers, has a bit of a harsher flavor than its USA made cousins, and even a bit harsher than its Canadian made cousins as well. I attribute this to the water in Mexico (we have all heard the stories of why not to drink the water in Mexico). However since with beer production, that water has to come to a boil, it makes it safe to drink. It's not a terrible harshness that makes it undrinkable, and terrible, but it's not the best tasting beer in the world. 

Overall, my opinion of this beer is that it's nothing fantastic. There are MUCH BETTER MEXICAN BEERS! This just happens to be one of the most popular, although I don't know why... It is easy drinking, and that's pretty much the only thing going for it. Other than the fact it goes down easily and smoothly, it's not really worth the $2.50 I paid for the can. I rate this as a GLASS EMPTY. It was drinkable, but that was it. The taste was very lackluster and nothing special at all.


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Reply Jacob Martin
5:51 AM on July 15, 2011 
I have tried to Corona Extra from the UK as well as from Mexico but I feel the UK one is far better it has very different taste. I actually tried Corona Bucket beer for a party, there was a competition so I received a tshirt as well.

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