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Earthquake High Gravity Lager

Posted on August 3, 2010 at 1:06 AM

High gravity lager. A kind way of saying malt liquor. Malt liquor being a cheaply made, lager style, high alcohol beer. (see my FAQ for a full description of malt liquor) Malt liquor has a bad reputation as "bum juice" or "hobo juice". So when a brewer wants to brew a malt liquor style beer without the tarnish of the malt liquor name, they simply call it a "high gravity lager". High gravity meaning high alcohol basically.

Well let me just start out by saying that when a brewer creates a beer with a high alcohol content (usually of about 7.5% ABV or higher) it runs the risk of being too overly sweet, which is caused by the high amounts of alcohol. This stuff has 12% ABV!!! Beer Advocate gives it an F!

Earthquake High Gravity Lager from the Drink Four Brewing Company (makers of Four Loko Alcoholic Energy Malt Beverage Drinks) which is part of the City Brewing Company; La Crosse, Wisconsin.

The beer pours a darker color than most malt liquors. It's more of an amber color than pale straw. It foams up with a very large head which vanishes very quickly. In fact you can watch it disappear right before your eyes.

It smells very very boosy. You can literally smell the alcohol. I begin to wonder whether I want to drink this or not...

I take a drink. I taste nothing but a sickly, bubblegummy, nasty sweetness. Upon swallowing I exhale. I can feel a warming feeling in the back of my throat upon exhale from the high alcohol levels. I try one more drink, but I just can't handle the taste. I wound up dumping the mug and the rest of the can down the drain...

I give Earthquake High Gravity Lager a GLASS EMPTY. It's so empty that it crashes through the bottom of the glass and into the floor! (figurative of course) I would rather go drink Budweiser & Clamato Chelada again. 

Do yourself a favor.... STAY AWAY FROM THIS CRAP!!! It's good for nothing except getting totally trashed.

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Reply bluedood
4:39 PM on February 25, 2011 
it is bum juice and you have to freeze it cause as soon as it hits room temp is garbage. The only reason people buy it is to get wasted. Hell thats why i buy it.
Reply slacker
10:36 AM on March 12, 2011 
This stuff packs a punch. Drink two of these cans and you will feel it. Has an odd wine taste to it. Taste is awful but at $1.19 a can it serves it purpose for bums and poor college students. Weird side effect: if you drink this brew, hide your cell phone. Otherwise you will send out texts to people that are sometimes embarrassing and you will not remember sending them out. You have been warned.

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