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Budweiser American Ale

Posted on May 20, 2010 at 11:17 PM

Here we have a macro-brewery "craft beer" from Anheuser-Busch InBev. An American Amber/Red Ale with 5.3% ABV. It gets a B- on Beer Advocate. I was very interested to see how a macro-brewery would do with one of my favorite beer styles... This is Budweiser American Ale. I figured it would at least be okay, remembering how the Bud Light Golden Wheat tasted. (which was just okay and received a Glass Half Empty [see review below])

The bottle reads: "Budweiser American Ale defines a new style of ale - The American Ale - created by Anheuser-Busch brewmasters to deliver robust ale taste that's full-bodied, but not too heavy nor too bitter." On the side it reads: "Carefully brewed with barley from America's Heartland and Cascade hops from the Pacific Northwest, this rich, amber-colored ale has robust flavor and a distinctive, hoppy finish."

It pours a nice amber color with reddish tints to it, with a nice off-white head. Smells of hops and some slight scent of sweet malts with a hint of citrus... The color is right and the smell is right for the style... Time for a taste.

Right away you taste the malts and the hops, which left a nice bitter finish in the mouth. A little bit of barley is also present in the taste. Very right for the style, however there was a sweetness there you don't usually find with this style of beer, but it wasn't something that was terrible and made it undrinkable. You can really taste some caramel malts in there as well. It has a nice hoppy bitter finish, which was very nice and not something you would expect from one of the big macro-brews. The head left a decent amount of lacing on the sides of my glass as well.

All in all i give this a GLASS HALF FULL. It was very good, and I see me drinking this more in the future, but it lacked something in the way of taste to be a full glass to me. It was slightly watered down, but it had a nice bold flavor regardless. Well done Budweiser... Well done. Exceeded my expectations.

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