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Bud Light Golden Wheat

Posted on May 4, 2010 at 8:13 PM

Golden Wheat

Well, I was planning to review this beer, but not right away. That, however, all changed when a buddy of mine showed up at my doorstep with this beer. My buddy's dad is a Bud Light drinker... That is the ONLY beer he drinks. Well, he decided he was going to try the new Bud Light Golden Wheat. Apparently he didn't like it. He heard that I was a wheat beer fan and decided to give it to me. So I figured, why not do the review now? No time like the present... I decided to try this macro-brewery attempt at a "craft beer", from Anheuser-Busch InBev.

I have never been a light beer fan, but I am a wheat beer fan... So I was curious as to how the two would go together... It gets a C overall on Beer Advocate and has 4.1% ABV.

"A light beer with coriander and citrus peels" is what the bottle says. It pours a hazy amber color. It is unfiltered, so all the yeast is suspended in the beer... Very true to the style. So far so good. The smell hits you right up front with the citrus and slight coriander. The wheat is there, but not where I think it should be for a wheat beer. 

The taste hits you right up front with the citrus and the coriander right behind it. The wheat is actually in the background, but it is there... Not what it should be. It is MUCH BETTER than regular Bud Light. It doesn't have that Budweiser flavor, which was very nice. It is a very refreshing beer, like most wheat beers are. It has a "watered down" flavor, very obviously a light beer, geared toward light beer drinkers. With that in mind however, it isn't the same watery flavor of most light beers... It has much more flavor than most, but is very light for a wheat beer.

All in all, I give this a GLASS HALF EMPTY. It isn't the best wheat beer in the world, but it's not the worst. It is very drinkable. If you are a wheat beer fan, this probably won't be enough for you. If you like Bud Light, or any light beer for that matter, give it a try, you might just like it. If you are interested in getting into wheat beers then this would probably be a good starter beer for you. It's okay. It's drinkable. It tastes good. But if you are a normal wheat beer drinker, it's going to be too much on the light side for you I think.

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