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Schlitz Beer (1960's Formula)

Posted on April 29, 2010 at 9:10 PM


Well, this is a review for Schlitz Beer. "The BEER That Made Milwaukee Famous" is what the bottle says. 

Now, a lot of people are probably wondering why I would even bother to review Schlitz. Well the answer is simple: It's worth the review. As far as American Adjunct Lagers go, this is probably one of the best out there. That's because a couple of years ago, Pabst Brewing Company (the current owners of the Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company) decided to go back to the 1960's formula that made Schlitz so famous to begin with. At one time this beer, not Budweiser, was the largest selling beer in the world. That all changed in the 1970's when Schlitz changed their formula...

But now "classic" Schlitz is back! I have been wanting to try Schlitz for a while now, and was quite happy when i came upon a 12 pack while browsing a liquor store. I was sold as soon as I saw it. 

This beer gets a B overall on Beer Advocate, which is probably the highest rating for an

American Adjunct Lager that I've ever seen. The beer pours the typical "pale straw color" of most American Adjunct Lagers. The head, about a finger and a half width receded in a minute, but lingered as a thin film on top of the beer. Smells of sweet grain, a bit of caramel and maybe the slightest hint of grassy hops. A very slight hint of rice adjunct, but very faint. You could really taste the sweet grains and malts. There was a crispness from the carbonation, but not overpowering, actually somewhat pleasant. There was a hoppy, bitter finish to the taste, but not an unpleasant bitterness. Not at all the typical, watery taste of most A.A.L.'s. Almost reminiscent of an ale taste from the sweetness, but it's very very faint. It's not at all the disgusting sweetness that alot of A.A.L.'s have. Very bold flavor, and yet very smooth at the same time.

This beer gets from me a GLASS HALF FULL, leaning towards FULL! Never expected that from an American Adjunct Lager! It has terrific drinkablity (much better than Bud Light whose slogan is drinkabilty...), Bold yet smooth flavor. Very good beer, worth the money, give it a try.

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Reply Joe
8:56 PM on June 21, 2011 
If you're not drinking Tall Boys, you don't know Schlitz
Reply Geoffrey Klein
7:37 PM on June 6, 2014 
Take it from someone who drank and liked Schlitz beer in the late 60's and early 70's, this "original formula" is total BS. I tried the supposedly original formula today. There was NO American beer that was sold on a national basis at that time that had all this "hoppiness". The new Schlitz tastyes like a craft or microbrewery beer. I'm not saying its not good but the tale Pabst is telling about the original formula is a lie. This ain't it!

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